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Default digi 001 mic pre\'s or mackie vlx pro (xdr) mic pre

I have a digi 001 on the way off ebay, was curious what people thought about the mic pre's on the digi 001 verses mackie's. I have alot things to figure out for just for simply recording vocals with outboard effects and compressors. New to the recording game basically, I used to do this with sb live and cool edit pro 2.0. Figured I would try to step it up and see the results. So im sure I'll have alot of questions in the comming weeks.

List of my equipment,
mackie 1202 vlz pro
lexicon mpx 550 effects
rode nt1000
rnc 1773 compressor
event tr5 monitor speakers
lower end headphones
Digi 001 on the way

do I keep the mixer or use the breakout box of the digi? or use a combination of both and how?
any Ideals on how to route this stuff would greatly help thanks
Who Ever said this would be Easy!!!
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