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Default level calibration

am3 card-mac platform-pt4.3.2
1. created full level (constant 0db) soundfile.
2. set fader at 0
3. ran output to mackie, meters show 0 on mixer (good so far)
4. routed full level sound back into am3
5. same soundfile registering at 0 on mackie now registers at about -9db routed back to pt
6. changed hardware setup to +9 db input gain, now levels are darn close but not the same.

shouldn't i be able to set everything at zero and have it calibrated? this is annoying.

my whole point of doing this was to calibrate a compresser to live full time in between my mixer and the inputs of the am3, not to affect sound quality, but to protect against the unlikely possibility of a flash peak. It has been my experience that if i keep my input levels hot it tends to sound better (fuller- less brittle). i believe this is do to the increased resolution of the higher bit rate achieved by the hot level. (i.e. if you record at -6db you don't get 16 bits- you get less). i'm not looking for a squishy sound.
has anyone done any testing on the calibration of this card?
i would like to have a calibrated system so i can set my master fader on the mackie at 0 and have 0 at the am3.
the return seems calibrated-
my board IS puttin out o, as i have tested it on other gear and it reads 0.
thanx in advance
for the faint of goth
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