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Default "Waiting for the Video Engine to launch" error

I get this error when trying to enable the video engine in Playback Engine (Pro Tools 11 Vanilla). It loads a progress bar and a message: "Waiting for the Video Engine to launch" and does nothing when it completes and I then need to hit cancel to continue using PT. Everything else in PT works fine.

I've tried this with PT 11.0.0 and 11.0.1 on a Mac Pro 2008 8 Core as well as an i7 Hackintosh (both on 10.8.4) with the same problems.

I've searched the Avid forums and all I could find was an error with Media Composer been installed with PT 11 where the AMA Plugins needed to be deleted and then the error was resolved, but I do not have MC, so I'm stumped.

Any ideas ?
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