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Default Re: 192 and 888 system: Do I need a clock?


Sorry if it's obvious, but you want to get the 888|24, and not just an 888. The old 888 not only sounded awful, but it won't work with an HD system. The 888|24 will work on the legacy port (actually, two of them will with a 'Y' cable) but they don't sound very good, especially the DACs.

Why not get an extra card for your 192 to add 8 modern DACs?? They'll surely sound better than an 888|24! Or how about a lightpipe DAC to attach to your 192?

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Thank you for the advice. I was considering the 888|24 because the cost is much lower for me at the moment and until I get enough jobs under my belt to pay for another 192, the 888 route seems to make more sense economically. I have my 192 loaded with 16 analog inputs, so I can't fit the optional 8 DAC card in unfortunately.
I can use the lightpipe to send audio to an external dac if it would sound better than the 888|24. Would it? If so, are there any decent convertors for under a grand?
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