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Default Re: POW-r 3 Dithering

Hi Rich - Thanks for your reply. I'm considering a few options at this point.

In your first reply, you mention using Waves IDR and the different levels of noise shaping. The current version of Waves IDR in my plug ins folder only has one option, that being the basic Type 1 dithering.

Are you using Waves L3 for all other levels of noise shaping?

Hi Dean - Yea, sorry - I forgot the Audiosuite IDR plugs have no noise-shape choices... So yes, if I'm using Waves to dither something it's with the L2 (I'm still trying to make myself like the L3, but I'm not convinced yet - I find the spectral shift of an L3 more objectionable than the artifacts of an L2 - but that's just me...), and there you have the choice of various amounts of noise-shaping. So, sometimes I'll use the various flavors of Waves dither, sometimes Pow-r 1, sometimes Pow-r 3. Just depends on material and work flow.

Hope that helps,

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