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Default Re: POW-r 3 Dithering

Hi Rich- What brought up the initial question was a thread on the

...I used to convert my 24 bit mixes to Red Book 16 bit within' Masterlink, but I didn't like the outcome.

I was told BarbaBatch was a great program, but according to AudioEase, they claim that their dither isn't as good as that of the Pow-R.

So I'm looking for a program that will dither without any artifacts. As for your question, I'd like to convert my 24 bit mixes to 16.

Any suggestions?


Hi Dean - Sorry, just no way I can make myself slog through 5 pages of hand-wringing about what kind of dither sounds best to someone.;-) What I *can* tell you is in my own personal experience, I frequently (though not always) prefer straight TPDF dithers to heavily noise-shaped ones, and having run into lots of cases of people delivering noise-shaped-dithered material for futher processing, and the headaches it can cause, non-noise-shaped or minimally noise-shaped dither is often a safer bet.

If there will be any post-processing of the 16 bit files after your dithering step then you should by all means *not* use a noise-shaped dither. If yours is the absolute last step in the delivery chain, then there is certainly no reason not to use something like Pow-r 3, and depending on the program material and other conditions, you *may* have a preference for it. All things being equal, having Pow-r dither available as an option is a nice thing.

BTW, it doesn't appear to me that Audioease said their dither "wasn't as good as" Pow-r 3, just not as heavily noise shaped (I don't personally know what they're using).

To get back to your original question about programs to dither something with Pow-r 3, what's wrong with ProTools' implementation of Pow-r 3? Is it that you need batch offline dither processing capability? If so, the only one I can think of is Peak - DSP Quattro is a contender, but I don't know if they licensed Pow-r - you'd have to check with them.

Hope that's helpful,

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