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Default Re: POW-r 3 Dithering

According to what I've read, POW-r 3 has the strongest noise-shaping. BarbaBatch is a wonderful program, but even the people there have said BarbaBatch dithering is less sophisticated, and that PowR 3 dither has better masking ways.

What program would you recommend when using dither?

I know Weiss makes a great converter, but I'm looking for software that will do the equivalent.

Hi Dean - I'm not sure I'd let the presence or absence of Pow-R 3 be the deciding factor - it's not the dither that makes the Weiss a fantastic box. While Pow-R is certainly a nice flavor of dither, I'm personally more inclined to use regular flat TPDF dither in most cases (though occasionally on material with lots of dynamic range and low-level material I might desire the heavy noise-shaping of something like Pow-R 3). In addition Waves IDR's different levels of noise shaping all seem to work quite well. What is the delivery destination which you require the dither for?


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