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Default Re: Defragging external hard drive?

This is a good topic. Is anyone still using 'Norton Speed Disk' to defrag internal ATA audio drives under OSX? If so what setting are you using? i.e. Multimedia, General, CD-ROM Mastering, OSX, Speed Disk 3.2...
stay away from NORTON!!!!! and speed tools, you could as well though your money AND your HD out of the window.

the only and safest way to properly defrag a HD is is copy your files to a safe place, erase the HD with DiskUtility (no need for low level!!!) and copy your files Back.

Defrag only when significant performance loss is evident, you donīt need to do that on a regular bases.

If third party tools for maintenance are required use Alsofts Diskworrier, Micromats TechTool and Bombich CCC (get it from versiontracker).

for further Info take a look e.g. here


If it is scsi, FWB software is cool, or the disk setup under your Utilities folder.
For crying out loud!

Per Digi's own OSX recommendations, which can be found at the top of this very forum section, use Apple's own Disk Utility.

"-Make sure all drives are formatted Mac OS Extended (HFS+) with OS X’s Disk Utility. Pro Tools can not use UFS or HFS volumes. If the drive was originally formatted in OS 9 or with any other application, backup the drive and reinitialize it with Disk Utility. If Journaling is enabled on your hard drive, disable it."

Go read the rest - it can't hurt.
granted that you should use DiskUtility, but as you might know there is, most of the times, no other way to format a SCSI disk (in which conjunction FWB is clearly referred to) than using FWB.

Apple is quite discriminating with SCSI Users here.

Once itīs formatted you can reformat with Appleīs software

last: PT11.3.1
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