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Default Re: Best way to back up a hard drive


I make a backup of the whole project to FW HD. When the HD is full, it's placed on the shelf and replaced with a new. In addition, I burn a DVD of the project file and consolidatet media. I would not trust just one backup-format. I'd also make a third DVD backup for storing outside the studio. I've not done this myself (yet) but it makes great sense.

For day-to-day backup, I've gone from using DLT tape and Retrospect to just dragging the project folder to a dedicated backup drive.

For full drive backup of the system volume (before updates, new installs etc.), I use a great little app called Carbon Copy Cloner. It makes a mirror copy of the source disk, bootable and everything, to a new disk. I find it too slow for day-to-day backups.

Works for me.

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