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Default Re: Best way to back up a hard drive

I keep a running firewire drive connected that i backup to as i work, but as far as archiving, i use DVD's. like others have mentioned, this can be a pain with large sessions. i have a rather drab way of filing, but it works really well...

i create a DVD ARCHIVES folder, and inside that folder i create a new folder titled DVD0001. i write this number on the DVD. i create aliases (or shortcuts in pc land) to the files on the DVD inside the folder DVD0001. i repeat this in number increments and when i need to search out a session, i hit apple-F and seek it out. comes back an tells me the session i am looking for is on "DVD0146", for example.

i know it is really a stone-aged way, but it works for me. i myself am paranoid about proprietary BU/Archive software. for years we were using Mezzo on OS8.6-OS9. recently i was forced to switch to PC with a 2nd room added and all of those sessions are now unaccessible unless i restore them to the Mac first and convert them over (haven't got the PC version of Mezzo yet, but that is for another forum...). at least with my 2 systems now, a session is a session no matter what computer i drop the disc in, rather than a giant file with a catalog file that needs software to extract the session data.
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