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Default Re: Best way to back up a hard drive

I am not a fan of DVDs. . . they are too small and need to be supervised because most projects are bigger. I use AIT right now, but I have to boot OS9 Retrospec from OSX. I am thinking backing up my ProTools Mac projects via the LAN to a Windows 2000 server. . . and then that server will be backed up to tape. This way I can do a daily late night business data backup to one set of tapes and studio projects to specific project tapes all with one tape drive. Also it would mean redundacy between the Mac FW drives and the W2K Server's drives. The script could be run at breaks to make a quick update of the server etc. . . Anyone see a downside?

Anyone know of a way to write a script for a Mac that will compare files between a source and destination, and only copy over folders/files that are either not at the destination or newer than the the destination drive? Easy to do with a chckdsk and a CMD/batch file in Windows. . . but my ProTools system is an OSX Mac and I am not aware of how to do this in that world. Ideas?

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