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Default Re: Best way to back up a hard drive

DVDs are the best long term solution as all hard drives over time will lose their ability to spin if you don't run them 3 or 4 times a year. DVDs are a pain as they hold such little info. It really depends on what your needs are. AIT tapes with Mezzo or Retrospect backup software are the industry standard for commercial delivery requirements. While an AIT drive can cost $500-1000 and are thus expensive, the tapes themselves are cheaper than drives.

If your songs are fairly small and will fit on one DVD I'd go that way and have a DVD per tune. Once you're done with a song it won't take that much time to back it up. But my sessions are usually too large to go that way so I go with AIT.

Many people do use Firewire drives as they aren't too expensive and hold a good amount of data. But as I said, you just gotta take them out and run them from time to time.
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