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Default S1 Ethernet Connection Speed

I took the plunge and finally got my new S1 yesterday. While everything else seems to work just fine so far, I've stumbled across the following while checking the home network configuration of my Fritz!Box home router:

All Ethernet ports of the router are configured to support 1 Gbit connections.
- My Mac mini connects to it with 1 Gbit/s, as expected
- My older Euphonix MC Transport connects to it with 100 Mbit/s, as expected given its venerable age
- My iPad 2020 running Avid Control connects via 5 GHz WLAN with 866 MBit/s, as expected
- However my S1 connects to it only with 100 Mbit/s, NOT as expected since the official S1 technical specifications are mentioning a 1000-BaseT Gigabit Ethernet port!

I can exclude a router misconfiguration, a bad router ethernet port or a bad ethernet cable, as I already performed the necessary tests with swapping router ports and Ethernet cables (the one provided with the S1 vs. a brand new STP Cat 5e cable of the same length).

So am I missing something?
Or is the Ethernet port of my S1 defective?
Or the current S1 firmware (which was updated to the latest version when initially connecting to EUCON) is not supporting 1 Gbit/s (yet)?

Thanks in advance, Eric
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