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Default Re: EUCON 21.10.1 Released

Originally Posted by m4tune View Post
Hey Eddie,

Thanks for the tip with the delay "\a"
It made several key commands combinations work again…

But, I'm not able to get a nearly reliable performance as with v21.6…
This seems to be a workaround with a very shaky version of Eucontrol - v21.10… Sorry for being straight forward…but when will this be fixed in a sustainable standard?
There was a bug in Apples API we used for key commands which was causing crashes so in 21.01 we changed the way we do it. That caused other issues so we changed again. Unfortunately, we think this made it work a lot faster, so commands are firing off nearly instantly together. The only real solution is an adjustable delay....which we are working on for the next release. We are also looking at putting in an overall delay setting too so you don't have to enter a whole bunch.
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