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Default Re: what video card? AJA or Blackmagic

have plumped for AJA - got a cheap T tap.

Its ok. but not as solid as the quicktime environment in PT10HD

Doesnt like changing between different projects that have had different Video codecs.

(I have been experimenting with ways to get to DNxHD.

using MB_Convert2DNxHD_PT. a widget

I tried resolve but kept crashing.

I have succeeded with adobe media encoder - but makes larger files - not sure if have the optimum settings

Over all I find my system is a bit slower in high sierra - frequent memory warnings wondering if should think about a "new" computer - perhaps a trashcan mac with 32 or 64 Gb Ram may help?
i7 6 core mac mini running monterey 12.2.1 - 32Gig RAM SSD
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