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Default HD Native Setup help! Wonít see third interface.

Hello all.

Iíve recently revamped my home studio (new desk, acoustic treatment, new monitors and all that jazz). Along with my previous setup of an HD native thunderbolt with Omni and HD 8x8 I added an analog HD 16x16.

Now Iím setting everything back up with the new desk and racks and Iím having trouble get protools/digitest to recognize a third interface.

Prior to the revamp, I was running 2018 mac mini Catalina, protools ultimate 2021.7, HD native, Omni , and 8x8 just fine. Adding in the 16x16 seems to be causing some issues as I cannot get the third interface to show up in digitest or protools.

I have it set up as follows
HD Omni primary out to port 1 on native box
HD 8x8 primary in from expansion out on Omni
HD 16x16 primary out to port 2 on native box

Loop sync connected as it should be (already learned that one the hard way).

Problem is in digitest and protools all thatís showing up is the HD native thunderbolt, the Omni, and whatever is attached to the Omniís expansion port.

Iíve tried swapping the 16x16 and the 8x8 as the Omniís expansion and both will show up fine when attached to the Omni in that way. Problem is anything attached to port 2 is not showing up in digitest. All digilink cables are working as Iíve swapped them all one way or another and they show up.

Digilink license is on ilok and is working. (Do I need two digilink licenses for two ports???)

Am I missing something obvious here?

I also tried hooking the 8x8 and 16x16 all off of expansion to expansion from port 1 but that didnít work either.

Any other potential setups I should try?

Any help? Iím desperate lolÖ

Thanks guys!
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