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Default Re: 2021.12 | Release Notes

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Read my previous post. Not sure if it applies to all, but at least Avid acks their extra plugins need update.
That doesn't answer my question (and I don't quite understand your 2nd sentence either I'm afraid).

Let's start again. I understand every iLok-based plugin will need to be updated to the "latest iLok protocols". OK - I don't know what those protocols are, or when they came into effect. So the big question is - without first installing 2021.12, how do I know WHICH plugins are not updated to the latest protocols? Can iLok license manager tell me? I don't want to update PT (which is always a faff) only to discover a dozen of my plugins I rely on have been neatly tidied away into the unused folder.

This is info every person updating will need to find out, seems to me. But I've no idea how to do it - without first breaking my setup.
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