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Default Re: S3 Display font size problem

Originally Posted by hj0102 View Post

It was working fine till yesterday, but font size has been changed as picture. OS is 10.11.4, Eucon version 3.4.11171610.

It happened same when I install Eucon 3.2 on El Capitan. After I go back to 10.9.5 and 3.2 works fine. However, after I checked that there's 3.4 which supports 10.11. Upgrade both. However, it happens again.

Any idea? Thanks in advance
This will happen when you have two monitors and the EuControl Settings window is dragged to the second monitor. It happens because the drawing for the OLEDs is happening at a different resolution on the second display before being pushed down to S3. The workaround is easy:

1. In EuControl Settings, move S3 from "My Surfaces" to "All Surfaces" list
2. Drag EuControl Settings window back to your computer's primary display
3. Move S3 from "All Surfaces" back to "My Surfaces" list

If you always keep EuControl Settings on your main computer's display this issue should not occur again.
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