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Default hardware buttons for "preview", "capture" and "punch"

hi guys,
what is the cheapest way of having the "preview", "capture" and the punch function on hardware keys.
as there is no short cut for it, its a problem..
with a c24, a d-controll or d-command you have it on your hardware, thats great but too expensive..

i could make a qickkey, but than the automation view had to stand on the same spot everytime. (too bad PT is not giving the information to "quickkeys" which window is open.. or is there a trick? by the way, why handle other applications this more elegant?)

maybe now the euphonix artist series controller can handle that?
before euphonix was avid this was not possible (hui).. maybe now?
who knows anything?

maybe there is another way i donīt even thought about?

would be great to know,
all the best
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