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Default Re: SH612 RS-422 Control Pinout

So looking around, there is no standard RS-422 pinout, it can literally be anything. That said, the closest thing to a standard for the world of routers (video and audio) is the Sony RS-422 pinout.

According to the SH612 manual, one needs to use a straight through male-male cable, and the assumption is that you're hooking the sh612 up to a Grass Valley Venus (RM) 3000 control system. Said system uses the Sony RS-422 pinout.

All of that said, the cable is straight through, which means the pins on the SH612 are the same as the Sony RS-422 pinout in slave mode:

Pin SH612
1 Frame ground
2 Transmit A
3 Receive B
4 Receive common
5 Spare or ground Spare or ground
6 Transmit common
7 Transmit B
8 Receive A
9 Frame ground

The cable I built has all pins except 9 wired and I am able to control the SH612 using an NVision/Miranda/Grass Valley NV9000 (which doesn't follow the Sony pinout for their RS-422 connectors) and Utah Scientific Systems MX-Lator.

Thanks to @EddieJones for replying.
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