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Default Best Mac for 003 Factory (simple part time home studio use)

Please post comments as I'm looking for recommendations. I just received 003 factory with 6 pin firewire connect. I assumed I could use my powerful Dell M90 laptop with Windows XP Pro to run PTLE and 003. Wrong. Even though Digi touted the Dell M65 & M90 awhile back as compatible it's not. Firewire, buffer challenges abound as well as all the config, partitioning etc. of the system I'd have to do to have PT run properly. I've resigned myself to look at getting a dedicated DESKTOP for one purpose only: to run PT. I've had PC's but not Mac. I've been told Mac is superior to PC for Pro Tools. Please share some thoughts on a PROVEN compatible Mac that is not too pricey. I am using PT for simple home projects that includes an upcoming church musical. Nothing that elaborate. Thanks.
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