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Default Re: No input or output detected HELP

Originally Posted by kaynowry View Post
Quick story behind this. I had everything working fine on my desktop but my headphones couldn't reach my drumset. What i did was send the protools template to my laptop and just have it right by my drum set.

Everything is connected. Running a saffire pro 40 thorugh a firewire to my laptop with 7 mics. However, I keep getting the message.... when trying to enable record.

"The track could not be record enabled because both an active input or output assigned"

I do know how to assign inputs and outputs in protools but for some reason im struggling with this. Example would be for my Kick track, (input 1) is grayed out. Same with lines 2-7. When i click it for a new input all it offers me is built in input and buses, yet my goal is trying to establish the input 1-7 again from the interface. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks!!!!!

Sounds like your interface is no longer selected as the audio device in the playback engine.

Go to the playback engine and select the sapphire pro as the audio engine! The session will reboot with the sapphire as the audio engine.

Once the sapphire is set as the audio device you might have to go to the hardware setup and I/O setup pages and reset to default for the inputs and outputs to be available again.

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