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Question Re: v control (v2) plugin encoder cannot instantiate plugin screen in PT10.0.1

After AVID's suggestions (cf links) that work but need to be repeated everytime i re-open PT,

I just discover an interesting point:

whithin an PT session opened,
in eucontrol setting,
when changing the order of my surfaces,(I used to have MC control first, then MC mix, so changing the order do it)
then the plugins instantiation screens on my mbp works !
Really odd, but works !

PS: I checked my network config, my MBP and all my artitsts controllers are hard networked (rj45) in the same router (Airport Extreme, acting as my WIFI router too), and the AE is hard networked (rj45) to my ADSL.

Any suggestion ?

Best R.
Cheers !
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