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Default Re: EuCon crashes overnight, every night

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
OK, so its overnight. Something must be happening during the there a virus checker running? Updates? Its hard to tell. If you collect the logs(from the EuControl Icon) that may help.
No virus software. No auto updates. I keep the system pretty slim and without much happening automatically. The only thing that happens overnight is: 1) the screensaver comes on after an hour of inactivity, 2) I turn my monitor off.

I noticed today that EuCon actually froze during the day -- not overnight -- and all that I'd done was turn the monitor off. When I came back an hour later, EuCon was frozen. I've had this monitor for a couple years without issue, though the computer is new.

I'd be happy to check the logs. Where can I find them? I wasn't sure what you meant by "from the EuControl Icon."
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