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Default Media Offline Video issue 2022.7

I updated to 2022.7, and all seemed to work well.
Import AAF audio and video all fine.

2 days later the online editor sent me an uprezzed video as he always does, I convert it
to DNXHD36 and import. This time the video show the familiar "media offline"
as seen on Media Composer. I can see the video in QT, and every other app that plays video, except inside PT. Same for the H264 he sent before conversion.
After a few hours, thinking its a bad name, bad conversion etc. ditch preferences.

I do use 1 drive for playback files, and another for stem record.

Long story short, I moved the video from the playback drive to the record drive and it shows up in PT.

Is this a new feature/bug in 2022.7??
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