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Default AAF Import Issues: "Cannot open the selected file because it does not contain data t

I am having consistent issues with AAF imports. Each editor seems to have their own way of doing it and each way seems to have its own problems. Currently, I'm working on a show with 25min episodes, so there are a lot of clips contained in the AAF of course. Whenever I am sent an AAF the folder contains every single clip as a wav file (of course) and either no AAF file or an AAF that when imported via import session data comes up with this prompt, "Cannot open the selected file because it does not contain data that can be imported via import session data". So, if not via import session data, then how? What seems to be the issue?
It should be said, I have had ongoing issues with this clients AFFs but we had sorted it out last week and now this latest issue.
The editors are using DaVinci.
I am on ProTools 2021.12, Windows 10, 16GB, 64Bit.

I should say I am working with several editors right now and 2 out of the 5 get the AAF export down pat every time and the other three consistently send seemingly random exports - so I have to believe it's on the editor's end that this problem is occurring, though my nature is to blame myself first and see what I can do before telling the other party they aren't doing it right.

Thanks again for your continuing support it is very very much appreciated!!! But this AAF stuff is doing my head in. Is there also a set process you can send me that editors using DaVinci resolve should follow and the same for premiere when exporting AAFs for protools? that would be mighty handy! Because whenever I run an editor through it they just say "no it doesn't work like that".
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