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Default Re: 003r clicking sound and unwanted signal on input 1


Thanks for all the suggestions. Nice to read everybody is trying to figure out this problem with me.

To avoid confusion; the click I hear in the audio output. Itís not a relay thatís poppiní like when it boots up. Speaking of which, it boots up normally after two clicks (2 or 3 clicks), together with the front lights. You know, normal boot sequence.

I tried 3 different firewire cables and all available FW400 ports. First thing I tried before posting the initial post. All give the same problem.
I also opened up the 003 and reseated all connection I think are related to input 1 (it is printed on the PCBís).
Also looked for bulging or cracked caps, but everything seems clean. Inside itís a very clean house. No spider webs or dust or anything.

I looked for ďrelaysĒ (after googling pictures) and cannot find any.

Next to the single click, there is also a very low frequency signal coming through in the mixer on input 1. Constant signal at -6db (I posted pics earlier).

Hopefully I can pin-point the issue and fix it.
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