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Default Issues with installing Mbox 1 drivers

Hey guys I need some help. I'm running 2 MacBook Pros - One on Mavericks 9.4.5 and the other on Big Sur 11.2.2

I can't get my Mbox 1 (Original) to work with either. Not a surprise with Big Sur, as it's a pretty old interface and there is no claim it is supported on the drivers download page, but annoying with Mavericks. I just want to have a working interface with either one of my computers.

For my 9.4.5 computer I seem to have an interface pop up in settings but it just says 'Hardware not connected' though all the lights are on on the interface. Using the latest driver version.

Can anyone help me with this?

And will Big Sur ever support the Mbox 1?

Thanks everyone.

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