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Default Re: Artist Control Screen Calibration

Originally Posted by alk3997 View Post
I can tell you that is not a normal experience and can possibly indicate that the touch part of the screen is failing. To touch a different part of the screen and have a button not close to where you touch activate should never happen.

I'd understand if it was a few pixels off but yours sounded like it is a few buttons away.

My Artist Control is certainly accurate within a finger-tip.

Yes me too I was afraid of a damaged screen, but fortunately the method of Leverson worked really well. My touch screen is accurate now. Working as never before, even brand new it never worked like after this calibration with a smooth grind toothpick. The tiny rectangles with the cross hairs are not made for fingers.
I'm happy not having a hardware defect !!
Thanks again Leverson !!
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