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Default Pro Tools HD 9.0.6 & Sonic Core Xite-1 ?

VSTIM Plugins wrapped as RTAS. All work?
ASIO Drivers.?

Thinking about purchasing the Xite-1 instead of the Intel E5-2699v3 + Asus D8 WS board + ddr4 memory.

Xite-1 Hardware is cheaper, not much, but it's savings, comes with plugins, the Intel does not. In the end it's more $$$.
Also according to, the CPU is only 2.5x more powerful than the best CPU I have...
24.600 points vs. 9.235.
In theory should be at least 3x times more powerful, 6-cores vs. 18-cores.

I remember the old Creamware Scope 15-DSP card, that was useless for 96Khz 24-Bits, but now the Xite-1 is "10x times" more powerful.
Has 12 new 333MHz Shark DSPs, + 6 old 66Mhz DSP's.

Actually: 15x 66MhHz = 990MHz,
12x 333 = 3,996MHz
+ 6x 66MHz = 396MHz
= 4,392MHz total. 18-core DSP + the CPU.

It should be 4.43x times more powerful, but claim to be 10x more.

Also has 12x "5x 333MHz" DSP's more than UAD-Octa and comes with almost all plugins.

The Asus board can be expanded with Two E5-2699v3 CPU's, and also the Xite-1 can be expanded with another Xite-1 or a smaller -1D, via XTDM "HDMI" cable.

But I'm looking for the best bang for minimum investment.
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