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Default Re: PT9 - is it Win7 or nothing? or is XP possible?

+1 ^^

I used it for a few weeks in XP, and it worked OK for some things. All I did with it during that time was mix a few things. I did not attempt to track audio. Other than a couple plug-in conflicts, I was able to mix, and it was a wonderful improvement over 7.3, from which I upgraded to 9.

However, the MIDI driver did not work. I could play back MIDI to VIs, and could edit MIDI tracks, but the MIDI I/O ports on my 002R did not work. Once I upgraded to Win7 (and believe me, it's a delightful upgrade - best thing that ever happened to Windows, and I've been using it since 2.x), everything worked perfectly. It's more solid than my Mac system at work, although I suspect that system has something weird with the permissions. Anyway, yeah, you can limp by with XP if you only need certain basic features. But it's like putting a smart car engine in a Ferrari. Really no point if there's any way you can avoid it.
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