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Default Re: midnam and middev

In reference to an older post by marcoangelis, I also need to ask expert users about this issue - one which is of key importance to my use of protools and music libraries and external midi devices. That is, its essential to be able to easily create both .middev and .midnam files, to control choice of instrument and articulation selections.
Interestingly, using an older computer (i3 & windows 8.1, and an Older version of protools 2020.11), I AM able to slowly modify and create and implement such data files. BUT on a newer computer (eg, i7 windows pro 10, and the current Protools 2021.12), it appears that its exceedingly difficult - if not impossible to successfully modify and create and use such files.

Could other users advise if Avid has perhaps changed this facility in ProTools?
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