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Exclamation Smile Strange problem with audio/midi tracks after copy/duplicate


I discovered a strange Problem on Protools LE 9.0.3/9.0.5!!!

independent of session or Computer:

After copying OR duplicating Audiotracks/Miditracks a few times (sometimes after the first, sometimes after more copies) the right end of the track is not on the Grid anymore. --> you can only see this when zooming to maximum!!

Settings are on "Grid", tried it with "Sample" based and "Tick" based too.

I also tried it on another Computer with PT 8 and a PT HD5 and the Problem did NOT appear! Its bad, because you cannot just copy/duplicate right on, you need to check every right edge of your Files manually, because if you just copy on, your sound will change after 3-4 minutes.

I checked it with a Click Audiotrack set perfectly on the Grid and put into a Group, with the Edges perfectly cut. After duplicating about 3-4 minutes you will hear its sound starting to change -> i have put it over a midi beat, which was set correctly "manually" until the end.

This means: your Music will NOT sound the same at the End.

Its very little but i think this is not ok. Its causing phase Problems and other Things because its happening randomly.

Any Ideas??

Thank you very much!! :)

(i use iMac i7, 2,9/12GB with OSX10.6.7 and Protools LE 9.0.5)
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