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Default FS: VSL Dimension Strings and Solo Strings 60% off!

Hello everybody,

VSL Solo Strings I Standard + Extended, list price 570/642$. My price is 60% off!! 230/260$, plus shipping cost. I will pay the transfer fee of 57. And I have an old spare dongle lying around, so that's included as well.

VSL Dimension Strings I Standard + Extended, and Dimension Strings II Standard, list price 1765/1990$. My price, again, 60% off!!! 710/800$, plus shipping. I will pay the transfer fee of 177. An old spare dongle is included in the price.

The transfers are approved and will be monitored by VSL. The Solo Strings I come as a boxed product. For Dimension Strings you will get the dongle with the licenses only, and can download the library from the VSL servers.

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