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Default Drum programming in PT Tab to Transients / Drum editing question/ audio and midi sync

Hi everyone,

I am wondering what other people do when editing audio to make drum samples. If you use the tab to transients function do you then just cut the region exactly on that transient and have that as the beginning of the sample? Or do you make the cut a little before that so as to keep the "whole" transient as part of the sound? Does cutting on the transient mean you're cutting the beginning of it off?
If you do cut at the transient where then do you place that region in relation to the snap point for bars / beats on the arrangement page? Exactly on the snap point or a little to the right of it?
If you place it exactly on the snap point and you're also using some midi sounds, when you "print" the midi (from a virtual instrument or hardware or whatever) the printed midi is going to be a a little behind the snap point (by whatever the latency amount is) ........ basically what I'm wondering is what workflows people use to get all their audio and midi perfectly in sync - and what they use as a reference point.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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