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Default Three Transfuser questions...

1. How do you get the Transfuser sequencer to play when you hit play on the Pro Tools transport? For example, if I have a two bar loop in a Drum-Seq, I want it to just loop every two bars against the Pro Tools transport. In fact, I can't figure out how to get transfuser patterns to play back using anything other than the onscreen keyboards and transports in the Transfuser window.
2. I have imported stereo wave files into a seq using the "Drum kit and Drum Seq" option. I expected it to chop up the audio into drum hit samples - but instead it imports it as a single long file - triggered by a single note in the first note lane. When I import audio files from the Transfuser content the same way, it chops the loop up into pieces (I guess it's a loop - it previews that way). So how do you import audio that gets chopped up? Is that not how it works? Am I using the wrong file format? The manual says "Transfuser extracts the drum samples from the dropped audio as well as posssible." However, I haven't had a single loop (non-transfuser content) come in as something other than one big file.
3. How do you set it up with an Axiom (I have Axiom 25) so that it works like Phil Jackson has in his videos. In particular, setting up the pads to play back the samples and the transport on the Axiom to control the Transfuser transport.

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