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Default Re: Please help with 'Cannot initialize device...' when hitting play

Restarting does not fix.

The ONLY thing that fixes this is to Create a new blank session at the desired sample rate in ProTools, close it and then fire up the desired session. That always works.

The Tascam appears to not do any initialization itself. It needs what ever happens in Protools when you create a new session to initialize the device. Protools is NOT the problem, the problem is the Tascam.

I can power the Tascam off, power off the PC and then boot up the PC. Then turn on the Tascam. At this point we would think the Tascam has been initialized. But negative. The Tascam says it is set to 41.4 KHz. I fire up a session in Protools at 44.1 KHz and Protools says that it cannot initialize the audio driver.

I create a new session in PT and close it, then fire up the real session and it plays fine. The sample rate is a red herring. The problem is that the Tascam can't be initialized, even after powering down.

Changing sample rate requires a re-initialization, but the unit doesn't do it by itself, even after powering down.

So whatever PT does differently during a 'create new session' vs an 'open session' initializes the Tascam. The Tascam does not appear to initialize itself even if you shut it off and turn it back on?!? It is in the same 'unable to initialize' state.
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