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Default What is wrong with Avid Scorch.

Statement, not question.

I have talked to several people who have started using Avid Scorch and after I converse with them I learn the same thing from each of them.

None of them are aware of the Mixer. At all. They also don't know that there is an owners manual or help file, because the owners manual and help file is disguised as a music score in the score library.

And the owners manual itself only mentions the Mixer on the very last page and it's not obvious and documented. It's not called attention to in any of the scant, scant marketing materials you have put out.

Using the program itself, there is no obvious indication in the user interface whatsoever that there is a powerful, flexible mixer feature in there.

You've taken an amazingly great feature and totally hidden and obscured it to the point that your customers have no idea it's there.

Furthermore, I want to tell people about Avid Scorch but there's so little information about it available on the Web that I can't tell them anything useful.

Where are the video product demos on YouTube? Where are the video product demos on the web site? Where are screen shots of all the features, for instance, the mixer? How much time would it take to make a 5-minute screencast demo? Want to hire me? I'll make one for you.

I think Avid Scorch for iPad is the best bloody thing since sliced bread, but you guys are way under-selling it, if you are selling it at all.

And finally, I must comment on the situation with Sibelius 7 not being compatible with Avid Scorch for iPad, and there being no obvious interoperability or synergy between the two. There is nothing in the features, user interface, or even the documentation and the help files in Sibelius 7 to encourage Sibelius composers to create scores for Avid Scorch for iPad. I daresay most Sibelius composers aren't even aware that there is such a thing as Avid Scorch for iPad, and there is no rationale for why they should care.

You guys need to reach across the aisle and work closely with Sibelius, or this is going nowhere. And it will be a shame, because Avid Scorch is one dynamite product.

But first, put a thin permanent toolbar, never hidden, at the bottom of the Avid Scorch for iPad screen that shows icons or text that instructs the user that there's a mixer down there. And second, create a proper users manual or help file that is not disguised as a sample music score.

Oh, then get the Scorch plug-in for Web browsers rewritten so it's 64-bit compatible for Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5.1, and FireFox 6, and Chrome while you're at it.

Rant over.
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