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Default Re: Installing New Plugins DSP

Originally Posted by cp15 View Post
So I am new to ProTools and Carbon as of a couple months ago.

Is it possible to install new plugins and have them run as DSP and not Native?
I only use a few of the DSP plugins that came w Carbon. Every new plugin I have installed has to run Native. Is there a way to install or configure so they run DSP?

Or if there is already a thread on this, please show me the way.

Carbon is more or less designed to run AAX DSP plugins while the associated tracks are in DSP record mode so you can get near-zero latency in the monitoring and record path while all your other tracks are still running natively with native plugins, not run an entire session in DSP mode. You can do it but depending on the plugins and the size of the session you'll run out of DSP power quickly.

I have an HDX card I used for years (18 DSP Chips vs. 8 DSP in the Carbon) and I long ago abandoned AAX-DSP-based mix sessions. Native processing blows DSP systems away. The beauty of DSP in Carbon is near-zero latency for monitoring and recording. That's what the DSP in Carbon is intended for, tracking and monitoring during recording sessions. The only DSP plugins I use for mixing are UAD2 (Hardware-based system) offerings cause that's how they work and they don't make native plugins. Also, you can't use UAD2 DSP plugins for recording in Pro Tools, only mixing. You can only record with UAD2 plugins in their own branded audio interface (Apollo X series) within their Console structure alongside PT or inside their Apollo include DAW LUNA for close to near-zero latency recording. In other words, you'll be working in two environments, UA's Apollo Console and PT, whereas with Carbon everything is done in one environment, PT.

Here's a link to a string of videos from Avid about Carbon

Here's a video to better understand the beauty of near-zero latency recording in Carbon

I hope this helps.
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