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Default Re: Avid aquire Euphonix...more control surfaces

Originally Posted by Gothboy View Post
I think a reality check is needed here. Who ever said company buyouts = cheaper hardware? Those little Euphonix controllers were NOT cheap nor has anything Digi makes is!? C'mon.
Not what I meant. if you compare the cost of a C24 or ICON, then the Euphonix controllers are cheap for what they offer. If AVID use them to design a Command 8, then I imagine they may keep the 004 a modular offering, as a rack and controller rather than a combined device like the 003, thus making it less expensive as it can be purchased as funds allow and if it's modular and expandable, you don't then need to look at replacing your 004 with a C24 just to get more and more channels of control.

Yes, it doesn't offer it for cheap, but at least it would be cheaper than some solutions.
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