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Exclamation Ensuring Optimal Performance of S3L & S3L-X Systems

To ensure optimal performance of S3L and S3L-X systems all devices must be connected exactly as described in the VENUE S3L-X Quick Setup or VENUE | S3L-X Networking Guide documents included in your Avid account as part of the VENUE 4.5.2 software activation program. Alternate configurations are not qualified and may not perform as expected.

Observe the following guidelines when connecting S3L-X system components:
  • Always connect S3 control surface Network Port A to E3 engine Network Port C. 

  • Always connect the Pro Tools computer to S3 control surface Port B 

  • Daisy-chain Stage 16s together by connecting Ethernet cables between available Network ports on the Stage 16s, always connecting from Port B to Port A between devices 

Additional tips and troubleshooting information can be found in the VENUE | S3L-X Networking Guide. To download this and other S3L/S3L-X documentation and resources, visit: