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Default USB 3.0 hub recommendations for Mac - 2021

I've noticed a few usb related glitches, which seem to be from my powered USB hub. It's pushing 6-7 years old, so probably time to upgrade.

My setup:
2013 Mac Pro trash can
RME babyface pro
PT 2021.7
Logic X

I recently updated from an older version of PT, and added some more Softube plugins, but the system was stable for at least a month after those changes. Right now I am getting random ilok auth errors, audio drop outs, UPDD errors for my raven touchscreen and in some cases - the usb hub will just suddenly be turned off. So more than likely a failing power supply for the usb hub or the hub itself is just showing its age. One thing I despise about this hub is the power switch is a momentary button. So, every time it is unplugged, a momentary button needs to be pressed to turn it on. Very annoying because it's behind my desk.

Anyways, looking for a solid powered USB 3.0 hub, 10 ports or more, with no power switch at all, or a rocker switch that I can just leave on, so when I shut down my UPS, I don't need to reset it. Some of these new ones have "smart charging ports"... Like any new technology, I'm skeptical that it might cause other issues.

Any recommendations? Haven't shopped for these for a long time, I know when I bought this one, I went through 2 or 3 different brands before I got one that was reliable.
- John

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