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Default Re: keyboard shortcuts problem on Swedish keyboard

I have
Focusrite pro 40 firewire interface(but ist only managin the sound and midi)
Intel i7-3820 cpu
Old KeyTronic (MPR II -KEY) ps/2 port
Windows home 64-bit
if it matters i have a Novation Impulse49 midi kontroller whit Automap 4 software installed

The Problem is that shortcuts sometimes have worked and sometimes they stop working, when switching to an UK usb keyboard all seem fine(but instead the shortcut is Ctrl+=) . haven't tested exactly when ctrl++ work and stop working(on my Swedish keyboard) remember you have to use Shift to even make an = in Sweden, this ****s up the whole = philosophy.

It would be nice if I can select language or define my own keyboard shortcuts

thank you for listening or better if you have a solution? maybe I could have highlighted something that could make some shortcuts inactive or something.
ask me anything that could help solving this, I need that work flow going
this is what my keyboard look like

A number on the back of my keyboard
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