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Default "Rig balancing" and "RIG VOL" does not work anymore...

Hello guys,
I have an issue with the "rig vol" and "rig balancing" parameter, it does not affect my volume sound when I move them...

my config is : guitar - true z of elevenrack - from front pannel amp output of 11R - to my amp: fender hot road deluxe on the guitar entry 1 (I have two different entries on this amp entry 1 and 2 that is just to have brighter sound or to plug two guitars nothing special)

However, when I used my rigs at the beginning when I bought the elevenrack it did work, so I do not understand what is going on...? I tried to change the different configs in the menu "output to amp" (press edit for a few sec) with "Rig input", "Amp input", "Amp output" ...etc but it did not influence my volume when I tried to balance my rigs in the menu "rig balancing" mybe I changed something somewhere but I don't remember maybe?...

Also another question:
how to use properly cabinet and amp simulations when we have the 11R pluged into a tube amp???
because I read that with tube amps as we already have built in a cabinet (here a 1x12 fender) it is not perfect to send cabinet simulations to the tube amp cos it will give out of phase strange sound coming from the 11R...
and that it is better to use cabinet sim with a PA...

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