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Default Re: Toggle Track view ("Opt"+"-") doesn't work

I have 4 Keyboards flying around in the studio, all with an extra numeric keypad. On all of them the "-" is either on the "main" keyboard at the bottom, between "." and the right hand "shift" key... plus another "-" is located, as a part of the numeric keypad, to the right of the "9" (below "*" and above "+"). Both don't work.

Judging by the keyboard stickers supplied by protools, the key between "." and the shift key (also used for "_" <underscore>, using shift) should be right....

Does someone perhaps know about a little tool to make the "ASCII" codes for keyboards visible ? Then perhaps somebody (on whose keyboard the toggle works) could tell me the ASCII-code for the right key combination (Option-Minus) and then I could experiment with my (strange ?) keyboards how to get this ASCII...perhaps using a different key-combination.... ?

Or perhaps a different solution ?

PS: I am not in zoom toggle mode without knowing, I checked that.
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