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Default Bad digital distortion on 003r

Recently I bought a used 003r. Up until now i've been using a 002 console with an ISA828 as my 8 channels of ADAT.

When I first got the 003r I tested all the built in pre's with my talkback mic (Shure 55s) and noticed there was some unattractive digital/harmonic distortion even when it was nowhere near -0dBfs. I just assumed it was the mediocre mic I was using along with some phase from my poorly treated control room.

To try and eliminate deficiencies in the chain, I used my Neumann TLM 193 in my iso-booth for testing now. It STILL has really harsh digital distortion, even down as much as -10dB depending on the incoming frequency. I figured maybe the built in pre's were just inferior on the 003's in comparison to the 002's, so I plugged the Neumann into my ISA828 instead, and the distortion was still just as bad. Then I patched back in my 002 and the built in pre's on it sounded golden in comparison. The distortion occurs during both tracking and playback through both headphones and monitors. I opened up the chassis, and though I'm no professional when it comes to the anatomy of a 003, nothing looked burnt up or unusual.

There WAS a missing screw for the top of the chassis that the seller DIDN'T bother mentioning. When I asked him about it he said he wanted to look at the guts as research for a project of his.

WTF mate?!
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