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Default Re: Rookie Mistake: Installed Xpand1 over Xpand2

Originally Posted by LT_CJ View Post
My company ordered a replacement Ignition Pack for our new sound design station b/c who knows where all the codes for the old one went. Our IT dep't insisted on doing the installation and our rookie sound designer just told him to go ahead and install everything.

Thus, Xpand1 was installed on his machine which up until that moment was happily running Xpand2 as part of PT8.x. Now when he opens PT, only Xpand1 shows up.

We can see all the Xpand2 files on his machine, but it seems PT is accessing an Xpand1 file that we are not aware of.

Soooo, with our IT dep't now out with the flu, I'm trying to figure out if there's a fix short of re-installing PT8 (which I can't do b/c IT has the auth codes, etc.).


It's an iMac running Leopard...
Have you tried running the PTLE 8.0 installer with only the Creative Collection checked? That should reinstall the entire Creative Collection for you.

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