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Default Re: I/O setup page vs I/O hardware inserts

Originally Posted by jjamesbomb View Post
- I'm trying to set up a sum box getting fed my first 8 digi 192 outs - then that feeding my ssl stereo compressor which returns into input 7-8. Now, I can setup a stereo track and input 7-8 and output 9-10 and monitor that output only and thereby listen after the whole chain of summing and compression but it would be neat to have it as a hardware insert instead. I'm trying to change my I/O setup so software output 7-8 sends out of physical output 9-10 and it works for the tracks individually but not when I insert 7-8 as a hardware insert...then 7-8 remains 7-8 and I get a nice feedback. Am I making sense and has anyone found a way to solve the mystery ?

thanks in advance...

ps. PT8 rocks very very hard and so does a new 8core mac...logic is getting dusty down there on my dock

You really need to use the software inserts you use outboard! that's the only way to be included in the delay compensation.

The inputs and outputs that you use on the interface must be matched!!! for example, out of 7/8 to your outboard inputs, then return back to interface inputs 7/8.

all this can be setup in the i/o setup.
Not sure what you are trying to do making software outputs 7/8 trying to come out of hardware 9/10 this can be done easily by moving the i/o routing around in the setup windows? its like a matrix! any virtual i/o can be dragged to any hardware i/o.

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