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Default error#4 and error #7100, pro tools crash!


Since 3 days, each time (or at least one out of two) i import data (volume, pan, plugins settings, hw inserts, input and outputs, sends, i am pasting my mix template for a project of 22 songs with all the same instrumentation) from a session the another, i got one of these two messages:

Pro tools encountered an error#4 while record enabling one or more track. As a result, one or more audio tracks where record disabled.

Pro tools encountered an error#7100 while allocating voices, as a result, not all audio tracks where voiced.

And then pro tools freeze and i have to force quit the application. When i reload the song, sometimes i get the same two errors and some plugins are disabled. Then i have the message that plug ins where made disabled because of inssuficient ressources but i still have plenty of headroom on my hd3. Once, i also needed to restart the computer (black shadow screen telling you to restart, ouch!).

I trashed the preferences and volume database several times but i still get the errors. Also i can get them while i change a bus or track output assignment or while i move tracks in the edit window.

I have a new plugin, the tc VSS-3. Can it be the problem? I cant try without this one for this session because i use it a lot for this mix. I will try to copy session data without this plugin later but i am not sure if it will change something or not.

oups! forgot to list my setup: PT6.9.1, osx.3.9, g5 dual 2.5, 1.5 gig ram, hd3 accel
If anyone have a clue or can suggest me something, i'm listening to you!

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