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Default Re: Brand New S1 and Dock - Confused

Fantastic - I think I have the iPad's in the correct order. Understood what you said about the learning curve. I should have noted I am running macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 (19H1419) and I use Pro Tools Version 2021.7.

Do you use a similar setup with a Dock as well as an S1 or S3? I'm absolutely interested in hearing how people with a similar setup as mine use each surface. Ideally the smaller iPad is the meter bridge and sits on the Dock which I expect to use as the control surface for automation, transport, etc.

So if I do the reverse and drag my smaller iPad onto the S1 that will become the meter bridge on the Dock? I should then be able to rely on the larger 12.9" iPad which is on top of the S1 to work with the plugins?

One quick question, are the function buttons on the S1 limited in how many of the plugins options they can control? As an example I could insert a standard 1176, select the track and be able to access threshold and ratio but other plugs I am unable to access attack, release...deeper functions of the plugin.

If you or anyone has time for a little more hand-holding I'd appreciate it.


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